TACL.com, TACL.co.uk and TACL.uk

These long established four letter domain names are available.

Short domain names now for sale.


27+ year old domain

TACL was the acronym used by a property company who traded under the names Town And Country Letting, The Accommodation Comopany Limited and Tenants Advisory Centre Limited. TACL.com was registered in 1996 to replace earlier long string domains that the company had used and to consolidate the business activities into one site.

Although not the earlierst domain tacl.com is nevertheless a very long established one and tacl.co.uk and tacl.uk which are slightly newer will be included in the sale.

These short 4 letter domains are easily pronounced (tackle) and could be used for a veriety of businesses either as an acronym perhaps for a sports sites like football and rugby or angling related or more extreme something related to weddings!

The business was sold in April 2000 but these domains were retained because of the very high traffic the site was getting at that time. Since then no further use was found for the TACL name and now the owner is retiring the domains are being offered for sale.


TACL.COM has been appriased by many domain name vendors who all arrive at a valuation from £34k to £53K ($42,500 - $66,250 USD). TACL.CO.UK and TACL.UK are not as valuable but still considered to be worth at least £3k each.

The entire package of three domains is being offered for sale and open to sensible offers close to these appraised values.

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